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On Summer Break. Next Call in September.

Adobe Connect: -Audio is only on the phone, not Adobe.

Dial-in number: +1-734-615-7474 Access Code: 0165350

Spring 2016 Call Program





Apr 8

Signature-Ready EA

Planning using EA, Case Study

2016/17 planning recap: EA identified 18 worthwhile EA initiatives and rated them by Effort and Value and recommended that 7 go forward based on the scoring and available architecture resources.

Bob Dein
Enterprise Architect, Miami University

Minutes (Chris Eagle)
Apr 22 No Call - Spring Face2Face April 20-22 
April 20-22Face2Face MeetingSpring 2016 Face2FacePost Conference Notes
May 6Business DomainsSpring 2016 Face2Face recap and discussionMinutes (Piet Niederhausen)
May 20Case Studies Commoditizing Cloud Adoption - Oren SreebnyMinutes (Piet Niederhausen)
Jun 3Signature-Ready EA

Facilitating Strategic Thinking - Gabriela Redwine, Digital Archivist and Louis King, Enterprise Architect

Download resources as background to the conversation.

Jun 17Practice of ArchitectureRound Table - Discussion of architecture related challenges at your university.Minutes (Rupert Berk)
Jul 1n/a2015-2016 Wrap-Up 

Or see the full ITANA 2015-2016 Program.

Are you interested in leading a session? Typically, sessions incorporate a brief (say 15-30 minute) presentation that shares content and elicits valuable feedback from the session attendees. Please contact the ITANA Steering Committee.

For working group and steering calls, see the Events page.

Recent Activity

Spring 2016 Face2Face Meeting

The Itana Spring Face2Face took place at Washington University in St. Louis, MO, in April. Thank you to all attendees and hosts for your participation!

See the Spring Face2Face 2016 Notes for a first look at the materials from this meeting.

Spring 2016 Face2Face Meeting

Face2Face Outcomes: Architecture Methods

See the Spring Face2Face 2015 Notes for more on how the participants worked together.

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