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ITANA is focused on developing the skills, tools and a suite of resources to assist institutions with their enterprise, business and technical architectural needs. ITANA serves higher education while drawing from other architecture groups (The Open Group, Microsoft, etc.) and vendors as needed. ITANA also acts to help architects build their peer-group and find a mentor or become a mentor.

To learn more about ITANA, see the Itana Charter. The ITANA Capability Map shows the capabilities that form the core services for ITANA.

ITANA is supported by EDUCAUSE and Internet2.

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What does "ITANA" Stand for?

"When ITANA was first formed in 2007, the focus was on IT Architecture in Academia (IT Architect iN Academia – ITANA).

In 2012, we expanded the focus to include Enterprise Architects and Business Architects in Academia. We didn’t change the name to EBITANA because it is hard to say and the name ITANA was well known. So ITANA moved from standing for something to being just a name. I guess I should change the spelling to Itana now but I kind of like it all caps ITANA."

— Jim Phelps, Founder and Chair

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