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Next Conference Call
Topic: 2017-18 Call Series Wrap-Up  (NOTE: NEW URL/Phone #)

Day/Time June 15, 2018 - 11AM PDT, Noon Mountain, 1PM Central, 2PM Eastern (6PM GMT)

To join the Meeting:


US: +1 669 900 6833 or +1 646 558 8656

Meeting ID: 557 687 513

International numbers available:

Spring 2018 Call Program

EA and ITSM at UW




April 6EA PracticeItana Methods Review (Go through the methods ask for stories of use)

UW-Financial Aid Modernization Case Study

Miami U - Business Architecture Vision and Action Plan

2018-04-06 Meeting notes

April 20Business PartnerITSM CG Co-meeting (Beth to lead)EA and ITSM at UW
May 4Working GroupEAMM Working GroupMaturity Assessment Overview

2018-05-04 Meeting Notes
May 18Working GroupBusiness Architecture Working GroupItana Business Architecture Working Group Share Out
June 1Digital TransformationThe EDUCAUSE Digital Transformation Taskforce
June 15n/a2017-2018 Wrap-Up - Lessons Learning - Plus/Deltas/Big Ideas/ Questions from the year

Or see the full ITANA 2017-2018 Program. See the details for the call on the Conference Call page.

Are you interested in leading a session? Typically, sessions incorporate a brief (15-30 minute) presentation that shares content and elicits valuable feedback from the session attendees. Please contact the ITANA Steering Committee.

For working group and steering calls, see the Events page.

Recent Activity

Spring 2016 Face2Face Meeting

Face2Face Outcomes: Architecture Leadership

See the Spring Face2Face 2016 Notes for more on this F2F.

Spring 2015 Face2Face Meeting

Face2Face Outcomes: Architecture Methods

See the Spring Face2Face 2015 Notes for more on how the participants worked together.

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