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  • COmanage Call 2-Mar-2012
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Minutes: COmanage-TAC call 2-Mar-2012


Heather Flanagan, Internet2 (Chair)  
Ken Klingenstein, Internet2
Benn Oshrin, Internet2
Keith Hazelton, University of Wisconsin - Madison  
Scott Koranda, U. Wisconsin - Milwaukee (LIGO)  
Steve Olshansky, Internet2  
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2, scribe

*Carry Over Action Items*

[AI] (Heather) will set up meetings with IRODS/iPlant/Internet2 in February

[AI] (Steven) will develop a one-page write-up on attribute aggregation.


2012 Spring Member Meeting

For 2012 SMM, there will be

 Sunday, 22-April-2012, 1pm - 5pm

- COmanage Working Group Session
  Monday, 23-April-2012,  9:15am - 10:15am

- Proposed track session, titled:
- "Collaboration is Happening: Updates from the Field" (speakers: Heather and Remco)
-  has been merged with another proposal from SURFnet, which is titled:
- "Open Collaboration Exchange for e-Research Services (Harold Teunissen and Floor Jas)

- Ben Fineman of Internet2 will be helping to facilitate the merger of these two sessions into one.

CMPs and Interfederation

On the Collab-Intl Call of 1-Mar-2012, the topic was discussed:

 Working Across CMP
   - what needs to work across platforms (LOA, attribute release,
     people picking, groups, name spaces....)

- inter-federation is a vehicle for exchanging a lot of metadata, not just for trust or authentication
- so to solve issues of CMPs working on each other, the answer is inter-federation
- There is interest in inter-federation at the senior management level within Internet2

- Ken stated that inter-federation has made a lot of progress
- it's pretty close to being there, though there are still many policy issues around release

Document on Inter-Federation

- Ken is developing a one or two page document on the drivers for inter-federation in terms of use cases
- The role of PEER in inter-federation what will be important
- How much trust mechanism do we want to put around peer?
- This inter- federation document could be used at IDTRUST to motivate the gap analysis
- Ken and Heather will discuss the development of the inter-federation document further offline

Discussions with NSF

- ScottK has learned that Ed Seidel of NSF is interested in funding efforts that would increase electronic
collaboration between the US and Europe.
- Not clear if is this different from SAVI:

- Ken spoke with Kevin of NSF recently
- Kevin is pleased with the global impact of recent activities
- also he wants us to look at the NSF implications

- Ken noted that a DOE science report (in draft stages) is significant on how it partitions the problem
- This DOE report was written in a workshop in Dec. 2011
- It divides the space into:
     - big data
     - big computation
     - networking
     - tools for collaboration or team software (this is related to CMP)

Globus Online CMP / Globus Collaborate

- The Globus Online CMP plans to demo and release at Globus World in April
- Ken may attend Globus World
- The Globus CMP was developed for BIRN
- Blue Waters may be interested
- It's a hosted solution, not open source

- Globus Onine has another product in the pipeline called Globus Integrate
- in the identity mapping space

- A Globus identity will be offered if you don't have another Identity to bring with you
- It was noted that the account linking could have consequences on LOA
- Also, Globus is planning a data storage service, where their tool is place in front of storage

NSTIC Pilot Grants

- There is much work around the community on NSTIC Pilot Grants.
 -  Ken (and possibly Heather) will attend this NSTIC governance meeting:
        - NSTIC Identity Ecosystem Governance Workshop: March 15, 2012


Heather is now on the Kantara leadership council.

Next COmanage TAC call is Friday, 16- March- 2012  at 2:00p.m. EDT, 11:00a.m. PDT.

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