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COmanage Registry

Version 0.9.4
(warning) Early Adopter Release
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COmanage Directory

Version 0.1
(warning) Proof of Concept Release
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The COmanage Project is an effort by the Internet2 Middleware Initiative to developed tools and resources that allow collaborative organizations to meet their objectives using key collaboration tools in a secure and effective framework.  By leveraging external (federated) identity management services, authentication and authorization of group members are handled in a single, efficient process that feeds from each member's home organization into the various applications (such as wikis, calendaring, and conferencing) that are available to all.

This wiki space is the companion to the COmanage website.

Information about the National Science Foundation - Software Development for CyberInfrastructure (NSF-SDCI) Bedrock award, which is providing major funding to this project, is available on the Bedrock website. See also the press release Internet2 Middleware Initiative Awarded NSF Grant to Enhance Science and Research Collaboration (pdf) and the NSF Award Announcement.


An Identity Management System (IdMS) designed for collaborative organizations.

The current model centers around the COmanage Registry, a database of person information.

COmanage Integration

Additional Resources

About COmanage

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