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PEER - Public Endpoint Entities Registry


PEER is envisioned as a lightweight, global registrar for SAML Metadata representing both SAML and non-SAML endpoints (e.g., OpenID, IMI). It is intended as a focused activity to catalyze international use of federated identity. The service is not intended to be a replacement for federation or inter-federation, but is intended to be a tool supporting such activities. The service is intended to be operational by July 2011. It will be operated by an interim operator as a proof-of-concept and move to a permanent home if the service is seen as useful.  Part of the PEER project will include an analysis of sustainability for PEER. 

Mailing List

Provided by Ian Young at peer@lists.iay.org.uk. Join by sending a mail with 'subscribe' in the body to peer-request@lists.iay.org.uk.


Term Explanation
Metadata Registry A SAML metadata curation service
Registrant An entity registrering SAML metadata in a metadata registry
Consumer An entity consuming SAML metadata
Domain owner An entity that has administrative control of a DNS domain and/or URL
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