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Federation Technical Guide

The Federation Technical Guide provides a convenient way to locate the details and documentation for implementing federated identity management with InCommon.

Precursors to Technical Implementation

We have a short document, "InCommon Basics and Participating in InCommon," that includes a Federated Identity Management Checklist. If you are new to InCommon or to federated identity, this is a good place to start. This booklet includes information on the following topics:

  • Review your practices and publish your POP
  • Install/Configure a SAML 2.0 Compliant federating software
  • Support the eduPerson Schema
  • Configure IdP attribute resolver for the appropriate sources
  • Configure the IdP to release the right attributes

Technical Implementation

Starting with InCommon

Identity Attributes

Federation Manager


Advanced Topics

Recommended Practices

The InCommon community has developed a set of recommended practices for many aspects of federation practice. You can navigate to the Recommended Practices page for these and other topics:

  • Organizational Presence
    • Participant Operational Practices (POP)
    • Contacts in Metadata
    • Federated Security Incident Response
  • Technical Basics
    • Metadata consumption (refreshed daily)
    • Scope in Metadata (DNS domain controlled by SP)
    • x.509 certificates in metadata
    • SAML protocol endpoints
    • User Interface elements in metadata (IdP and SP)
    • Requested attributes in metadata
  • Operational Maturity
    • Maintaining supported software
    • Federation user experience
  • Maximizing the Federation
    • Identity Provider attribute release process
    • Persistent identifier support
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