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At the request of the InCommon Certificate Service community, Comodo has created a new system that will greatly streamline the issuance of EV (extended validation) certificates. This new system is called “Anchor Certificates.” Cert Service subscribers can now request an Anchor Certificate, and apply it to all of their domains, then go through the industry-mandated EV process once for all of the domains, which will streamline future EV certificate requests. This will not actually create a new certificate, but uses the same validation process as with EV certificate requests. Once the Anchor Certificate is set, EV cert requests are treated just like any other cert, without going through the EV validation process again for 13 months. Under the current process, each EV cert request went through the entire validation process.

In conjunction with Comodo, we have published a wiki page that details the process of ordering an anchor certificate.
The InCommon Certificate Service Working Group surveyed certificate subscribers last year and had a number of recommendations. This is one step toward improving the EV documentation and process. Survey results and the 2017 work plan will be detailed over the next few weeks.

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