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The InCommon Community

InCommon serves a community of more than 10 million end-users (students, faculty and staff; IPEDS data, November 2016). For more information, see the InCommon FAQ and the InCommon Participants List.

See this page for instructions on gaining access to protected sections or to gain edit access.

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Collaborative Projects and Working Groups

See a complete list of working groups and reports, including current and past work in our Working Groups wiki space.

Virtual Working Groups Archives Available

Recorded sessions (Adobe Connect) and slide decks are available from the May 20-21, 2013, virtual working group meetings. Topics include: Grouper, Shibboleth, CIFER, Interfederation, Social Identity, CoCoA (collaboration platform), and MACE-DIR.


Toolkits provide resources to help campus information technology professionals develop the case for federating. This material will help make the case with such diverse groups as chief information officers and campus stakeholders. The material in this section includes slide decks that you can use, as well as overviews and documents for your background and to use in presentations.

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