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New Features in Grouper 2.4.0 (note, a lot of these features are in 2.3.0 patches)

Migrate to new UI

Migrate all screens in Admin and Lite UI to the "New UI" and remove the admin and lite UI

New messaging strategies

Add new messaging strategies for ActiveMQ, AMQP (e.g. RabbitMQ), AWS
AttestationGroups and folders can be marked to require periodic membership review. Reminders will be emailed to group owners
Grouper loader in UIUser interface to show loader configuration, diagnostics, logs, wizard editor
Subject API diagnosticsUser interface to analyze, diagnose, and recommend improvements for subject source configuration
Real time SQL loaderAllow a change log table (SQL triggers) or messages to trigger loader updates for a partial population or single user
InstrumentationImprove and standardize Grouper logging to provide centralized metrics at an institution and the ability to upload stats to a central Internet2 server
PackagingDocker containers that hold Grouper components for each deployment
AccessibilityIncorporate recommendations from Colorado UI accessibility review
GSH next generationImprove gsh by adding readline like capabilities (line editing, tab completions, history, etc)
Inbound messagesAllow Grouper to read a message queue and act on messages (e.g. membership changes etc)
vt-ldap to LdaptiveUpgrade from vt-ldap to Ldaptive
properties configConvert sources.xml and ehcache.xml to be cascaded properties files
Update 3rd party librariesUpdate 3rd party libraries to the latest version that is feasible
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