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  • As of 4/18 does not yet issue a support ticket when emailed. have been helpful in answering questions in the meantime.
  • Undocumented error -37 returned by the SSL API. This will be corrected in the next (unscheduled) release. This issue only affects the SSL Certificate API, and not SMIME. (Per support ticket NJP-793886)Parts of the API documentation are out of date.
    • The API documentation lists a SSLCollectResponse.getStatusCode() function. This function was removed in the latest release. Use the SSLCollectResponse.statusCode integer attribute instead.


InCommon maintains an email list,, as a place for community members to share experiences, discuss possible system enhancements, and see how other campuses handle various issues and tasks. We encourage you to join this list. To do so, send an email to with the following in the subject line: sub inc-cert FirstName LastName.