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Initial RAO Onboarding (Existing RAOs)

InCommon staff will need to onboard RAOs by sending an invitation email from CCM.  Once an institution's IdP is ready, an RAO should send an email to and request such onboarding.

 The initial login matches the asserted email address to the email address stored in the CCM user profile.

At that point, the asserted eppn is added to the "IdP User ID" field in the CCM user profile.

All future logins will use asserted values for first/last name and email address to update the respective fields in the CCM user profile.

RAOs can then onboard their DRAOs using the same invitation function (or by manually entering their eppn in CCM).    ← NOTE: Due to a default permissions issue, this will not be functional until 9/13/17.

Onboarding Existing Users

Once logged into CCM, here’s how to onboard existing RAOs/DRAOs in your org: