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titleImportant Constraints
  • An address can only be attached to one Mailman user, so if for some reason an address is registered multiple times, only one Mailman user can have it.
  • A CO Person can only have one active address, since the preferred address is used for Mailman message delivery.
  • Mailman Users span domains, so in a multi-tenant instance (or a single tenant instance where more than one provisioner is configured to provision more than one domain), each tenant will likely require its own mailman server, not just its own domain.
  • Registry assumes it has full management of Mailman Users. If an email address is directly added to Mailman, and that email address is subsequently added to a Registry record that is then provisioned to Mailman, the provisioning action will fail, since Mailman will indicate that the address already exists (but Registry won't have any knowledge of it).
  • Renaming a list is not supported. Changing the list name in COmanage Registry will not change the list name in Mailman.