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The Transport group will study and report to NTAC on tooling and functional requirements for data movement in advanced networks.


The Transport working group will serve as a forum for the Internet2 community to study, discuss and make recommendations to NTAC on issues related to data movement in advanced networks. Areas of interest include tooling that improves end-to-end data movement over standard network architectures as well as hybrid network models and supporting software. The group will develop functional requirements for existing data movement services as well as study and make recommendations on future technologies to support data movement in advanced networks.


1) Define functional requirements for Phoebus data movement service.
2) Review the Bulk Transport Design Space Survey document and develop a current snapshot of VFER and similar transport protocols.
3) Stay current with other protocol development with respect to future network architectures.

Working Group Members

  • Steven Singer
  • Chester Ruszczyk
  • Martin Swany
  • Jeff Boote
  • Larry Dunn
  • Susan Evett
  • Ezra Kissel

Mailing List

transport at internet2 dot edu

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