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Apply to Join the Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) "Cohortium"

You can use this form to generate and submit your "one pager" using the form below. The full Call for Participation document can be found at Call for Participation -- The Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) "Cohortium".

Another option for submitting your "one pager" is to just send email providing at least a brief response to the below topics to the email address cohortium-reg AT lists DOT You can use this "text file template" containing the questions below to format your email.

Internet2 Scalable Privacy MFA Logo

"One Pager" Participation Submission Information

To have your institution considered for participation in the Multi-Factor Authentication Cohortium, please complete and submit this web form. Please respond to each of the following with at least a brief response (required). The more information you can provide to us, the better job we can do in assessing these applications, identify common interests and needs, identify possible "sub-cohortiums" (working groups) that could delve more deeply into certain topics, etc.

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