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  • Migrations from Sun DS and-or Sun IAM
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Brainstorm on implications of Sun IAM directions from Oracle...


May 18 says:

Here is an interesting take from Novell.  I don't know what will happen aft...
Here is an interesting take from Novell.  I don't know what will happen after you've migrated regarding price and support with them, but migrating to the Novell suite is pretty reasonably priced (free).

Novell Special Offer for Sun Users (

Scroll down to see "Switch from Sun" section.



May 18 says:

And... as I previously noted in various forums... switching from Sun to 389 project ( should be fairly simple. If you have a redhat derivative system then an RPM install works just fine and then an export from Sun directory and import into 389 should work if you aren't doing anything too funky with ACIs. Use the Console to set other options and features.

This is probably the easiest thing to do.

And yes, free.


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  1. After several sessions with Oracle exploring alternatives (including alternative pricing models) and repeated admonitions that we would have to stop using the existing products at the end of current support contract in July, UA is licensing the IAM suite with price based on population. We will not be forced to immediately transition off the Sun DSEE. We will reevaluate alternative directory and IDM products.