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Welcome to the Internet2 MACE-Directories Working Group wiki

The MACE-Directories working group looks at how to describe common identity information for campus and federated relationships.

To obtain editing access to this space (working group members only), see instructions here.

Subscribing to the MACE-Directories email list:

  • To subscribe to the MACE-Directories email list, email to pubsympa at internet2 dot edu, with the subject line:  subscribe mace-dir Firstname Lastname
  • To unsubscribe, send email to pubsympa at internet2 dot edu, with the subject line:  unsubscribe mace-dir

MACE-Directories Working Group calls are held every other Mondays at 3pm ET. The calls are announced on the email list.

Group Chairs:  Keith Hazelton, University of Wisconsin and David Bantz, University of Alaska


eduPerson Specification 201602 Approved

The eduPersonOrcid attribute is included in the eduPerson specification (201602)

Current Activities

Open Issues


Archive of older work items


Comments/questions should be addressed to <mace-dir-comments AT internet2 DOT edu>

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