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For the 2014-2015 year, based on its member survey, the ITANA Steering Committee has identified the following tracks as broad topics for sessions through the year:



Practice of Architecture

What do architects do, and how do they do it? How do architects get started, and what organizational changes are involved?
Example agendas:

  • Starting an Enterprise Architecture Practice
  • Tools for Enterprise Analysis: PACE, TIME, etc.
  • Change Management as an Architect
  • Architects as Leaders Throughout the Organization


Coming out of our annual F2F meeting, we’ll continue the theme of facilitation and leading throughout the year.
These calls will focus on topics that have to do with skills architectures need and use to facilitate and lead discussions, gain consensus, influence decisions, and other related topics.

Business Domains

Architectural perspectives on higher ed business domains, with perspectives such as domain-wide business capability mapping, data architecture, trends, etc.

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Research
  • Student Services
  • Academic Advising

Case Studies

Case studies on successful integration or solution implementations showcasing an enterprise architecture approach.

Book ClubNew for 2016/17, we are going to try reading a suggested book per season (3 for the year) and discuss them on an Itana conference call.
Connecting with OthersNew for 2016/17, we are going to use one conference call per season (3 for the year) to have a joint conversation with other EDUCAUSE constituent groups.
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