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Check out the new iMobileU website at http://imobileu.org.


Create a collaborative framework for higher education institutions to jointly develop and enhance mobile solutions as open source projects that can be shared and distributed to universities worldwide.


The rapid growth of mobile device usage by students, faculty and staff in universities around the world makes it imperative that information is available effectively to mobile device users in and around university campuses. The rapid introduction and upgrades of new mobile devices as well as new platforms makes this task challenging especially given the current economic environment. Market research shows that the mobile devices market will continue to remain fragmented for the foreseeable future with continued competition between mobile platform vendors such as Apple, Research In Motion, Google, Microsoft, HP and Nokia. Adding to the complexity is the competition between mobile carriers that forces exclusivity for many mobile platforms.

The iMobileU seeks to address these challenges by creating a collaborative framework for higher education institutions to jointly develop effective mobile solutions that meet the needs of communities in universities. The iMobileU will provide member institutions a customizable mobile application framework that can be cost-effectively deployed to each user community. The mobile applications will address information access, learning management, collaborative systems and others in the form of mobile web application and native applications for the strategic platforms.

The iMobileU will use the MIT Mobile Web Open Source Project as the basis for developing web and native mobile applications that can be shared across member institutions. Member institutions are expected to contribute to the development and collaboration to create and refine applications that fit the needs of the group.


2010-05-03: Andrew Yu, Creator of the MIT Mobile Framework and Project Lead for the MIT iPhone app leaves MIT to create his own company, Modo Labs http://www.modolabs.com

2010-04-16: MIT announces intent to open source the iPhone app it released in February, 2010.

2009-05-13~15: Common Solutions Group (CSG) Meeting: Call for the iMobileU Initiative


  1. Continue and expand the development of the MIT Mobile Open Source Project to include the needs of the member institutions
  2. Provide documentation
  3. Release applications
  4. Provide support for application deployment
  5. Provide a forum for member institutions to communicate and collaborate on mobile solutions
  6. Gather requirements for new features, applications and services
  7. Offer shared services that allow cost-effective implementation of mobile application deployment and maintenance
  8. Communicate shared mobile-related needs of member institutions to vendors and influence vendors to make appropriate changes beneficial to the higher education community.


At the CSG meeting of May, 2009 a number of institutions concluded it would be useful to band together and create an effort focused on Mobile Applications, Devices and Infrastructure in order to address the Vision noted here. It was further decided to use the MIT software framework (referenced under Collaboration above) as a basis for moving forward in the application space. This effort is intended to live within an organizational framework being developed by Higher Education CIOs and other leaders, likely to be an example of how other collaborations and projects within the U.S. Higher Education community may evolve.


Mobility at MIT (Nov. 2009)

Developer Resources

Click here for the Developer Resources Page

Concall 2010-09-10

Status Updates


  • MIT has given legal approval for the release of all mobile web, iPhone, and Android code going forward.
  • Working on an Android app, currently in development/testing phase.
  • Working on preparing and organizing the code repo for public release.

University of Iowa

  • Still focusing on the rollout of GPS on the buses (powered by NextBus).

University of Central Florida

  • Evaluating iMobileU as an option for a mobile site. …

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Justin Anderson - MIT
Jared - UCF
Derek - PSU
David Ormsbee - Modo Labs

Derek - PSU
backend SLA
presentation on internal web conference
working on interface to PSU Libraries (uses SIRSI)
another group made an XML-RPC interface to SIRSI
working on mobile friendly lay for web sign on system (cosign system
bases out of UMich)

Jared - UCF
rolled out mobile prototype (course search, directory search, …

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Michael Gettes, MIT
Derek Morr, PSU
Modo Labs - Andrew Yu, Brian Patt, Sonya Huang, David Ormsbee

Discussed use of github. Email posted to list about github.



(these links may change so they are no longer under a personal github account)

We had some discussion with Derek about code changes and how to manage these changes. …

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Conference Call Notes

MIT, Michael Gettes
Iowa, Mark Ahrens, Romy and Lance Bolton
PSU, Derek Morr
Modo Labs, Sonya Huang, Brian Patt, David Ormsbee

We have come realize there exists http://www.imobileu.com

Some discussion about making MIT Framework and iPhone
app open source.

Iowa, some interest expressed locally in going from
web to native apps. Looking at some existing tools
to get something down and out the door for native
apps. Phone Gap and Titanium (appcelerator) being
considered. …

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Conference Call Notes

Michael Gettes @ MIT
Andrew YU @ MIT
Derek Morr @ PSU
Patrick Burt @ UCF
Pennypacker and Diana @ Brown
Ken McCreary Virginia Tech
hiedko mills and brad league @ Wisconsin Madison
casandra carson and andrew mortensen @ Michigan
mark ahrens and lance bolton @ Iowa
jamie murakamy @ U San Diego
David Morton @ Washington

MIT announces open source of iPhone app
Announced ModoLabs
a shared resource very good idea

andrew mortensen gave demo of SSO for iPhone

UCF, San Diego, …

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