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What constitutes a diverse group of higher education institutions?

Diverse in this case means diversity in size, mission, implementation methodology (leveraging a corporate partner or implementing on your own, etc), and campus use cases to be addressed. 

Are there specific types of institutions that TIER is hoping to target as participants in the Campus Success Program?

We hope to have institutions of various sizes with various campus IAM needs to meet using the TIER software.

How can companies participate in this Program?

We are looking to encourage corporate support providers to collaborate with campuses as an adoption partner. Building a rich provider ecosystem including community and corporate options is critically important for TIER to be used across the diversity of research and education organizations. 

We currently use a variety of authentication mechanisms include CAS, SAML, but don’t have cohesive policies, workflows, or controls. Is this something we should look at? 

The TIER software components include containerized versions of Shibboleth for single sign-on, Grouper for access management and group provisioning, and COmanage as a person registry. TIER aims to develop common APIs and have these components work together. If you think this might help, or might help provide the impetus for developing policies and workflows, then we would encourage you to submit a proposal.

I’m signed up for the webinar next week but is there anything more I should be doing?  

The webinar will answer questions about the program and about the call for proposals. If you think you'd be interested in submitting a proposal, starting sooner is better!

Also what typically goes into writing a proposal like this, do you happen to have any examples?

We have tried to make the call for proposal as self-explanatory as possible. We encourage you to be as specific as you can with your project plan, particularly the problem(s) to be solved and how the TIER software fits into your plan. Demonstrated commitment by executive leadership is also very important.

Do you have a template to fill out for the proposals? We aren't sure of the format or amount of text to write.

We do not have a template, but have provided a detailed outline of what to include in your proposal at the end of the Call for Participation document,

Does bi-weekly calls mean twice a week or every other week?

Every other week.

Regarding the planning workshop and technical training, are those things we would travel to? Are those going to be program requirements or just offered up as skills and knowledge of a participating school require? That is if we already have a mature IAM program and good technical knowledge around Docker and the TIER packages, would we still be attending these?

The planning workshop and technical training will be in-person and the expectation is that all those with accepted proposals will attend to address the two primary goals of the program: advance campus deployments and inform TIER adoption programs under development. Part of the benefit derived from these meetings is interaction among all of the attendees. So even if you have the technical chops and a mature program, we plan to structure this face-to-face so you will benefit (and so that others can benefit from your experience). In addition, your feedback on the training and outreach programs will be critical to helping your colleagues adopting later. 

We currently have Shibboleth and Grouper deployed with custom modifications, but are looking at using the TIER deployments. Is this an appropriate use of this program?

Yes, we would encourage you to submit a proposal.

Is TIER a replacement for Shibboleth? Or a supplement to Shibboleth?

TIER distributes a version of Shibboleth (and Grouper and COmanage) using Docker containers. It does not replace Shibboleth, but is a different form of distribution, and also is pre-configured to work well with InCommon.

Other Resources

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