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The Trust and Identity Document Repository is found here.


Internet2 Trust and Identity's document stewardship process is intended to formalize the management of documents as they are drafted, proposed, vetted, and approved for use, and published for open access.  It is intended to address any documents that are products of work sponsored by Trust and Identity or one of its community advisory groups. CACTI (Community Architecture Committee for Trust and Identity) is the "owner" of the document stewardship processes.

Examples of Document Types that go in the Repository

Examples of documents that go in the repository:

  • Standards
  • Policies
  • Contract templates
  • Specifications
  • Recommendations and guidelines
  • White papers

Authorized Sponsors

Submissions to the Document Repository must be approved by a Sponsor.  The authorized Sponsors are::

Getting a Doc ID for a document that will go into the Repository

For a document that will eventually go into the repository, it is recommended to get a document ID and format the document with the needed components prior to actually submitting the doc to go into the repository.

  • Contact the librarian, Emily Eisbruch (, to get the document repository ID
  • The follow the steps below to put the needed elements in the document.
  • It should generally be submitted to the repository AFTER the review phase.

Preparing a Document to go into the Repository

To prepare a document to go into the Document Repository:

1. The cover page should include this info below, though  only the Title, copyright and the licensing info are strictly required


As of November 2017 there will likely be one more piece of data to be provided, which is the Document Object Identifier (DOI). The DOI process is being implemented as of Sept. 2017

               Document Title

Repository ID: 



Superseded documents:  

Proposed future review date: 

Subject tags: 


3. This copyright and licensing info must be on the first page of the doc.  (where <year> is the current year)

© <year> Internet2 
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

See example HERE

4. When the document review phase is complete and the document is ready to be put in the repository, please submit the document in both of these formats

  1. text (preferred) or HTML

       2. PDF, unless that is not appropriate for the specific document

5. Once the document (in both formats) is ready, email them the librarian (Emily). The librarian will attach them to the corresponding page in the repository and those will become the authoritative copies. 

Here is an example of a repository page that has the attachment of the authoritative doc.


Additional Info

Working group chair and flywheel guidelines with regard to the Document Stewardship process are found here.

Please contact David Walker <> or Emily Eisbruch <> for more information.

Document Stewardship Process - Framework Docs


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