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Supporting Trust and Identity

This space supports the Trust and Identity work at Internet2.

2017 TechEx Trust and Identity Planning Lunch

Google Docs for scribing use at the lunch

Table 1 - Klara JelinkovaTable 4 - Ron KraemerTable 7 - Ted Hanss
Table 2 - Mark ScheibleTable 5 - Chris PhillipsTable 8 - Hannah Short
Table 3 - Mark JohnsonTable 6 - Sean ReynoldsTable 9 - Nicole Harris
  Table 10 - Dedra Chamberlin

Questions to answer at lunch

Questions to answer at lunch

1) What are the top three or four points from this morning's sessions that most resonate with you?

2) It’s 2021 and you’re giving the Trust and Identity plenary about what’s been accomplished since 2017. What will you say?


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