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This is the home page for the Internet2 Research Channel Working Group Wiki.

You can edit this Wiki, or send your announcements to me [dave at] and I'll add them.

  • About I2 RCWG
  • Internet2
  • The Research Channel web page
  • From the Research Channel - Research1 -  like a social network for Research; in Beta
  • I2 Research Channel Working Group Members
    • José G. Conde, MD, MPH, University of Puerto Rico (co-chair)
    • Dave Devereaux-Weber, University of Wisconsin-Madison (co-chair)
    • (add your name here...)
  • WG-RC at Internet2 2009 Fall Member Meeting
    • I will be bringing an HD camera and will be multicasting this meeting. There are currently no plans to have an H.323 endpoint.
      • Use Videolan
      • The mrl will be udp://@
      • To test your multicast, use the mrl udp://@ (that is our Union South construction HD multicast).
      • Here is the method I used to multicast the meeting:
        • Sony HVR-V1U with microphone
        • Firewire connection
        • Dell XPS laptop
          • (I'm still running Windows XP)
          • (for the Union South construction camera (see above), we use a Mac Mini using Boot Camp and Windows XP)
        • VideoLAN version 1.0.2
        • batch file I used to start VideoLAN (save to your system; rename batch to bat)
          • WARNING! Important! Edit this file and replace with your own multicast address
          • Thanks to Anton Kapella for his help in crafting the parameters of this file
        • I put this batch file on the desktop. Then the procedure is
          • Set up camera
          • Set up computer
          • Connect Firewire from Camera to computer
          • double-click the batch file
          • test - check for multicast
      • Here is the method I used to add unicast streams
        • Apple Mac Pro
          • running Snow Leopard, but that is not required
        • VideoLAN version 1.0.2
        • Shell script file to start multicast-to-unicast and transcode
          • WARNING! Important! Edit this file and replace with your own multicast address!
          • Thanks to Anton Kapella for his help in crafting the parameters of this script!
          • To run this shell script
            • put the script in a directory
            • open up a terminal window or log in remotely
            • run the script
    • Agenda
      1. Jim Deroest; CineGrid presentation
      2. Mirosław Czyrnek from the Poznan Supercomputing and Networking Center
        • We are currently starting a very interesting infrastructure and application deployment oriented project in Poland,which will result in providing country-wide services dedicated for scientific community in PIONIER network.One of these will be the HD Television service, composed of production, storage, distribution,delivery and application on demand components. We would like to update you and the communityabout the idea and work we are doing, which we feel may also result in potential cooperation scenarios.
      3. Shaun Illingworth from Move Networks (formerly Inuk)
        • Update on I2 IPTV Development Trial
      4. ConferenceXP update?
      5. DVTS update
      6. Channel Reflector update
      7. Ultragrid Update with Miloš Liška
      8. Member (site) updates
        1. Dave Devereaux-Weber; Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison: Updates to Digital Academic Television Network
    • Contact me <> to be added to the agenda
  • WG-RC at Internet2 2009 Spring Member Meeting
    • I brought an HD camera and multicast this meeting.
    • Agenda
      • Research Channel Update
      • DVTS Update with Kaz
      • Hitoshi Asaeda, Channel Reflector Released; Installing at Your Site
      • Dave D-W report from Madison
      • Reports from Other Members - please add yourself here or send me an email
  • Other Groups in Video or Multicast
  • Projects and Technologies of Interest
  • Member Activity Report (a place to share projects and experiences)
  • Interesting links from around the 'net
  • Associations, Committees and User Groups
  • From the Commercial Sector
  • Other advanced Networks Around the World
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