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Performance Working Group Wiki

Welcome to the Performance Working Group.

Chair:  Ken Miller  <kdm193  [at]>

Internet2 Liaison: Mark Feit   <mfeit [ at ]>

**Draft Charter**

Wiki and Mailing List

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Mailing List: performance-wg[at]

To Subscribe:

Meeting Minutes

2013 Annual Meeting (Arlington, VA)

2013 TIP Meeting 14-Jan-13 (Honolulu)

2012 Fall Member Meeting 4-Oct-12 (Philadelphia)

Joint Techs 16-July-12 (Stanford, Palo Alto, CA)

2012 Spring Member Meeting 23-April-12 (Arlington, VA)

Joint Techs 22-Jan-12 (Baton Rouge)

2011 Fall Member Meeting 4-Oct-11 (Raleigh, NC)

Joint Techs 12-July-11 (Fairbanks, AK)

2011 Spring Member Meeting 20-April-11 (Arlington, VA)

Joint Techs, 31-Jan-2011 (Clemson, SC)

Joint Techs, 12-July-2010 (Columbus, OH)

Spring Member Meeting 26-April-10 (Arlington, VA)

Joint Techs, 2-Feb-2010 (Salt Lake City)

Fall Member Meeting 5-Oct-09 (San Antonio, TX)

Joint Techs, 20-July-09 (Indianapolis)

Working Group Call 22-June-09

Spring Member Meeting, 27-Apr-09 (Arlington, VA)

Working Group Call, 23-Mar-09

Working Group Call 23-Feb-09

Joint Techs, Feb, 2009 (College Station)

Working Group Call 12-Jan-09

Working Group Call 15-Dec-08

Working Group Call 24-Nov-08

Fall Member Meeting, October 2008 (New Orleans)

Joint Techs, July 2008 (Lincoln)

Working Group Documents/Presentations

White Paper : Firewall Recommendations for the pS Performance Toolkit,  April 2013

A study on network performance gathered from selected campus environments, Jason Zurawski, April 2013

What's new in perfSONAR Toolkit v3.3, and what's on the roadmap for the next year, Brian Tierney and Andy Lake, April 2013

Pennsylvania State University WAN Metrics Project , Ken Miller, PSU, July 2012

SFLOW Data Network Visibility and Control - Neil McKee, InMon Corporation, July 2012

ESnet - Simple Lookup Service (for perfSONAR and beyond) - Sowmya Balasubramanian, ESnet, July 2012

Wireless Broadband Measurement in California, YoungJoon Byun, Cal State, Monterey Bay, July 2012

WAN Metrics Project at PSU (including financial angles of network measurement) – Ken Miller, April 2012

Performance Portal Preview (design, privacy considerations, etc.) - Jeff Boote and Aaron Brown, Internet2, April 2012

The Challenge and the North Carolina Response, Carla Hunt, Joint Techs, January 2012

Pacific Wave perfSONAR Deployment Survey, Celeste Anderson, October 2011

How should an active measurement service operate within an experimenter's slice (encompassing Internet2 backbone resources) in the GENI facility? , by Prasad Calyam, Ohio Supercomputing Center, Feb. 2010

PRESTA 10G, a 10Gbps network interface card (NIC) with highly-accurate traffic-measurement capabilities , by Katsuhiro Sebayashi, NTT Network Innovation Labs, Feb. 2010

Development of Measurement Archive (MA) capability for PRESTA 10G that is compatible with the perfSonar measurement infrastructure, Dr. Kenji Shimizu, NTT Network Innovation Labs, Feb. 2010

DRAFT Internet2 IPv6 Netflow Anonymization Policy, July 2009

Circuit Monitoring, by Aaron Brown, July-09

REDDnet use of Performance Tools, by Ezra Kissel, 27-Apr-09

Latency Monitoring Presentation by Aaron Brown, 27-Apr-09

TL1 Monitoring on USLHCNET Presentation by Sandor Rozsa and Azher Mughal, 23-Mar-09

US Regional Networks Survey

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