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Once again this year, we intend to schedule four Shibboleth Installation Workshops at campus locations in various regions. These are two-day workshops best described as directed self-paced workshops that cover both the IdP and SP software, as well as some integration issues. This year we also intend to offer material about the TIER software package (of which Shibboleth is a part).

I’m looking for campuses interested in hosting one of the 2017 trainings. The campus responsibility is to provide a room that will comfortably hold 44 people with laptops, pads of paper and cups of coffee. The campus also provides a robust wireless network and arranges for catering for said coffee, as well as lunch and refreshment breaks. InCommon provides the trainers and will handle the registration process. In return for hosting, we provide two complimentary registrations for the campus.

A couple of the considerations in selecting locations are:

  • Region (we try to spread these around to make travel easier for attendees)
  • Relative ease of travel (such as proximity to Interstates and at least a medium-size airport)

You can see our host outline for details:

If you are interested in at least exploring hosting one of these events, please send me email (

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