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InCommon needs enthusiastic volunteers to bring their unique expertise to the InCommon Technical Advisory Committee (TAC), an advisory body to the InCommon Steering Committee. We invite you to nominate such people for membership on the InCommon TAC, including self nomination.

TAC works best when its members span a variety of perspectives, including (but not limited to):

  • universities and colleges of all sorts and sizes
  • research organizations, traditional and virtual
  • regional R&E network providers
  • sponsored partners
  • trust and identity solution providers
  • international partners

TAC supports InCommon’s mission "to create and support a common framework for trustworthy shared management of access to online resources." Specific duties include: 

  • review and advise on InCommon's operations, technology choices, and the impact of policies on technical concerns
  • review and advise on InCommon service offerings, and make recommendations for new service development and service retirement
  • work with InCommon staff to ensure secure, robust, and reliable operation of InCommon services
  • engage with the trust and identity community to ensure that InCommon technology meets the needs of the participants
  • attend biweekly conference calls and the face-to-face meeting at the annual Internet2 Technology Exchange

The InCommon Steering Committee appoints TAC members to three-year terms. Individuals should have the necessary technical expertise, experience in the education and research community, and a track record of participation in that community.

Please send TAC member nominations to by Tuesday, October 11, 2016. Self-nominations are welcome. Please include some information describing the strengths and experience the individual would bring to the TAC, and the constituencies they are familiar with. Please distribute this invitation to all interested parties.

See for the TAC charter (revised December 2015); see for the current TAC membership. New members would assume their membership in early February. Send questions and comments to Steven Carmody (steven_carmody AT, InCommon TAC Chair.

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