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New Working Groups Addressing Potential InCommon Services

IAM Online – Wednesday, August 13, 2014
2 pm ET / 1 pm CT / Noon MT / 11 am PT

Interested in new programs and services under development at InCommon? Community working groups provide the energy and much of the work to move these services and policies forward. Join us for this IAM Online to learn about the launching of several such groups, the topics and problems to be addressed, and how you can get involved.

Topics will include:

  • international interfederation - a way to provide and promote international collaboration
  • use of external identities (e.g., credentials provided by an organization other than the university, such as Google or Facebook)
  • alternative identity providers - exploring other-than-traditional deployments of identity providers as a way to make federating easier
  • use cases for types of entities in metadata - that is, entities that may not be owned or controlled by InCommon participants (such as gateways or a regional provider managing services for a K-12 district)
  • development of an “IdP of Last Resort,” which provides a way for an individual to access federated services even if his or her institution has not deployed an identity provider

If you operate an IdP or SP in InCommon, one or more of these areas are sure to affect you.

Steven Carmody (Brown University)
Paul Caskey (University of Texas System)
Janemarie Duh (Lafayette College)
Ann West (Michigan Tech and Internet2)

We use Adobe Connect for slide sharing and audio: For more details, including back-up phone bridge information, see

About IAM Online
IAM Online is a monthly online education series brought to you by Internet2’s InCommon community and the EDUCAUSE Higher Education Information and Security Council.

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