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InCommon is adding metadata elements that will allow identity providers and service providers to tell each other more about their services and attribute needs so that a whole host of better, easier, more scalable transactions can happen. You can read the background information on InCommon’s overall plans for better attribute management across the federation at

During the week of June 13, InCommon will deploy several new metadata elements aimed at delivering additional information about IdPs and SPs, improving the user experience, and enabling the process of user consent. This is part of a commitment by InCommon to provide new methods for managing attributes with the goal of making federation easier to use and operate.


  • improve the user experience by providing a user-friendly name and description of services
  • display user-understandable attribute descriptions to simplify and facilitate user consent
  • provide a means for SPs to communicate required attributes to IdPs in metadata
  • take initial steps toward automated user consent

IdPs and SPs will populate additional metadata elements including:

  • Display Name (required) – a user friendly name for the service
  • Description – a brief (100 character) description of the service
  • Information URL – a link to a service information page
  • Privacy Statement URL – a link to a privacy policy targeted at users
  • Logo URL – a service logo for building graphical user interfaces
  • Requested Attributes (SPs only) – to present to the user on the consent page

For descriptions of the new user interface elements for both SP and IdP administrators, see

Descriptions of the SP-only requested attributes are at

Those site administrators who maintain metadata for their organizations will populate these fields via a forms-based interface provided by InCommon.

The new metadata elements will be available for production use during the week of June 13. In the meantime, you can test the new metadata now!

To view the new metadata elements, search for “UIInfo” and “AttributeConsumingService” in the XML file. If you have the opportunity to test this metadata file in your environment, please do so and let us know what you find out (

This rollout is part of our desire to create conditions for better attribute management and to enhance scaling of federated access. As always, we're open to hearing from you about how to continue to improve and add value to the federation.

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