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  • Internet2 Confluence Upgrade 20090221
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Information and links to more information about Confluence Upgrade Feb 21, 2009 on and

Atlassian Confluence 2.10 User Guide

  • This link will take you off the Internet2 Confluence server

Major Changes

  • All spaces will default to new space template.
    • This means your space (wiki) may look different. If this is a problem, contact your space administrator or use "Contact Administrators" link in the footer of the page.
    • Spaces using Left Hand theme can easily be restored. Navigation information will not be lost.
    • We are working on templates to make spaces have a "look and feel" that is more in alignment with the Internet2 web site.
  • Macros will be updated and enhanced.
    • We will past a link to a page with a full list of available macros and plugins for the new server.

More Information will be posted here as it comes available.

Please use the "Add Comment" feature below to ask questions or leave comments during this process

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