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  • COmanage-dev call 6-Aug-2010
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COmanage Call 6-Aug-2010


Heather Flanagan, Independent (chair) 
Steven Carmody, Brown  
Jim Leous, Pennsylvania State U. 
Chris Hubing, Pennsylvania State U. 
Benn Oshrin, Internet2 
Dan Pritts, Internet2 
Renee Frost, Internet2 
Ann West, Internet2
Steve Olshansky, Internet2 
Emily Eisbruch, Internet2, scribe  

Carry Over Action Items

[AI] (Heather and SteveO) will continue work on updating the COmanage website and wiki.  

[AI] (SteveO) will follow up with Ken about email list structure.  

[AI] (Ken) will develop a COmanage Service Manager job description.

[AI] (Ken) will email the group a COmanage entrance interview/survey for a VO.

[AI] (Steven and Benn) will continue to work on demo development. 

[AI] (Ken) will initiate discussion with UK around collaboration platform work.

[AI] (Heather) will raise the VO Cookbook issue on the upcoming International Collaboration Call. 

[AI] (Jim) will send the group screenshots of the Penn State Confluence dashboard. 

*NSF Status*

Heather reported that the SDCI grant process is still being worked on.

*Discussion with Earth Science Women's Network*

Jim reported that a call was held in July including Benn, individuals from Penn State, Brown, and Rose from the Earth Science Women's Network (ESWN). Rose is the point person for the ESWN, and she is charged with coordinating collaboration infrastructure. Another call scheduled in a couple of weeks to start talking thru their requirements.
A face to face meeting may be arranged, to include a demo.

Rose had questions during the call about ability to manage users in groups, sustainability of the software going forward, costs, and application maintenance issues. 

Jim noted that it may be possible to host the ESWN COmanage instance at Penn State.

ESWN is not a member of InCommon at this time. 

ESWN is interested in continuing to work with Drupal. 

Heather noted it would be excellent if there could be a demo at Fall member meeting related to the ESWN COmanage instance. 

Benn's Activity Update

Benn has shared some screenshot mockups to prompt discussion on functionality. 

The first mockup Benn shared is intended for the administrative management layer of COmanage. End users most likely would not see this screen, but would see a customized portal front page on which there are tabs to go to applications.

After the call, Benn provided links to additional mockups:

Steven noted that he is moving towards a minimalist view of what COmanage itself exposes.

Benn stated that once the mockups are done, he hopes to start focusing on the data models and APIs and  that need to get built out and what we can leverage that already exists.

Benn has been recording issues in JIRA.

 *Website Status

Benn, SteveO and Heather have begun planning for updating the COmanage website and wiki, both in terms of content and look and feel. 

Among other things, the plan is to update the diagram on the front page of the  COmanage website.

There are multiple target audiences for the updated website, including managerial, coordinator people associated with VOs and collaborations and more technical people. The hope is to provide a layered approach, as is used on the Shibboleth website. 

Benn suggested that the home page should answer

1. What is COmanage?
2. Where do I find out more info?

Different audiences will need different material and the answers for those audiences won't be on the front page, but will be available via links.

It was suggested that the home page should answer the question "how will COmanage provide value to me and make my life easier?"  This should be answered for the PI and for the technical people perspectives.

Some of the discussion on the call was recorded in this Jira:

Next Call: Friday, August 20 at 2pm ET

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