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Welcome to Advanced CAMP: Identity Services Summit for Higher Education Open/Community-Source Projects

Identity and access management (IAM), a common requirement for all online applications, is one of the first integration tasks that sites undertake when deploying a new software package or engaging an outsourced service. IAM requirements in academia are shifting as campuses collaborate, economize, outsource, federate, and standardize. Software projects and software vendors get mixed messages about how to support IAM, campus deployers find that each new package or service brings a new integration challenge, and the community is asking everyone involved to make sense of the IAM space

On June 18-19, 2009 in Philadelphia PA, a group of architects, developers, and deployers of higher ed open/community-source software projects explored IAM issues and challenges.

For  more information on the outcomes and next steps of the meeting, see

Advance CAMP Notes

Background Materials from Advanced CAMP Identity Services Summit.

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