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Last reviewed: March 2016

This is a list of resources intended for Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and other security professionals new to their role in higher education. Recommendations are provided by members of the Higher Education Information Security Council (HEISC).

Are You the New CISO on Your Campus? A Few First Steps...

  • Get to know your colleagues within the IT department, as well as key stakeholders across the institution.
  • Do a quick assessment within the first 60 days to determine the status of the IT security department's existing services and activities.
  • Find answers to questions in the Information Security Guide: Effective Practices and Solutions for Higher Education, a resource created by practitioners for practitioners featuring toolkits, case studies, effective practices, and recommendations to help jump-start your campus information security initiative. (This handy infographic provides a quick overview of the chapters and where to find resources.)
  • Connect with local peers. The EDUCAUSE Member Directory allows you to identify peers according to functional role (e.g., CISO), area of interest (e.g., Cybersecurity), or location. Complete your member profile now and start connecting with professionals in your area!
  • Request a peer mentor or coach through our Mentoring Program for security professionals (visit our Mentoring Toolkit for details).
  • View this 1-hour webinar, "Who Moved My Office? The Evolving Role of the CISO."
  • Review sample job descriptions for CISOs.
  • Browse the resources available below.

Still haven't found what you need? Please contact us and we'll try to help!

EDUCAUSE Listservs: Join any of these community discussion groups and engage with a large network of professionals.

Note: If you prefer not to subscribe to these listservs, please keep in mind that the listserv archives are fully searchable and may provide valuable insights and prior discussions relating to current (or future) issues and concerns.

Association & Industry Listservs
Articles, Books, Magazines, & Newsletters: Recommended reading.


Books & Publications

Magazines & News Sources


Websites: Visit these sites for recommended resources and links to other websites commonly used by CISOs in higher education.
Professional Development: Face-to-Face & Online Events.
Professional Organizations: Consider joining a professional organization. Many offer local chapters with frequent meetings that allow you to build a local network of security practitioners and experts.
Training & Certifications
Social Media: Stay informed by connecting with others via Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, or LinkedIn.
Connecting with Campus Colleagues: It's crucial to continue developing relationships with as many people on your campus as possible.
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  • CPO
  • Risk
  • Audit
  • Compliance
  • CFO
  • Registrar
  • HR
  • Faculty/Researchers
  • Students

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