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Security Tips for Traveling Abroad

A New York Times article, "Traveling Light in a Time of Digital Thievery," raises some interesting issues:

  • Using only "loaner" devices when traveling
  • Taking extra precautions in China and elsewhere
  • How institutions in the United States are handling security in their foreign campuses

Here is a collection of institutional and governmental pages related to security and traveling abroad. Information Security or IT offices might consider sharing these tips with faculty, staff, or students planning to travel abroad. Also note that many institutions work with other departments to distribute security tips for traveling abroad - e.g., purchasing, procurement, compliance office, and IRBs.

The FBI has a brochure, Safety and Security for the Business Professional Traveling Abroad, encouraging business travelers to "take measures to ensure not only the safety and security of themselves but also their business information while traveling outside the United States."

Institutional Resources

(info) Note: Most of these pages are recommendations by the institution, rather than requirements or policies.

Governmental Links About Traveling
Additional Resources

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